Learn by decoding nature

It's a monthly toolbox of beautiful science, ecogames, art, and code, all integrated in STEAM lessons exploring nature's patterns. 

Pattern is the code of nature. Scientists and mathematicians analyze life patterns to decode our universe. Architects, engineers, and artists use natural patterns to inform their creative work. This inspired us to use deep study of life patterns to build skills in science, technology, art, and coding. We designed our ecogames, art and code to show emerging patterns. Seeing the beautiful patterns emerge and transform on the computer screen, game board or canvas makes learning STEAM skills a tangible and beautiful experience that you can share with your family and friends.

We bring you

Beautiful Learning

Had it with the way math and science are usually taught? Want a more intuitive and visual approach? 

We use aesthetically engaging patterns to bridge math and science with your inborn understanding of patterns in nature and art.

Discover & deCODE beautiful patterns with science, natural treasures, art, math and eco-games. Create patterns with tiles, sprites, origami, and code (Scratch and more advanced). Play eco-games and see tiles cluster and form into life patterns. Learn in a fun, integrated, visual, and beautiful way. 

Unbox Beautiful Discovery


About Us

A husband-wife team, we bring our passion and expertise to the study of patterns.  We share a feeling of awe discovering and decoding patterns of nature. Our eco-games and code speak to our minds. Our eco-stories speak to our hearts. Natural patterns are found in natural structures, behavior, and seasonal cycles, repeating patterns that are the rhythm of life on our planet. Sharing our talents, and our feeling of awe, we can bring this miraculous project to you.    

Dr. Christopher Keane composes music, plays violin, mandolin, and piano. He creates models and games simulating ecosystems and patterns in nature. Chris enjoys making origami, and graphic arts. 

He has published in over 30 peer-reviewed journals and a textbook on topics relating to collective patterns of behavior. He has conducted visioning exercises with communities (see “bird’s-eye view“). He has many years of experience teaching community health,  conducting research, and creating models of social-ecological dynamics. 

He enjoys seeing the world through his four year old girl, looking deeply into patterns of nature, studying the underlying rules. He practices deep awareness meditation, in nature and quiet solitude. 

Beautiful Discovery Delivered  to Your Door


Dr. KJ Keane, PhD in Art History is fascinated with patterns found in nature—the veins of leaves, the spiral of fiddlehead ferns, a lone Blue Jay feather. Her current painting series takes bird feathers in extreme closeup and transforms them into bold abstractions. Her approach, like the Stoics, is to “Follow Nature” and shift perspectives, taking a “ bird’s-eye view ” of the world to determine what is in our control and what matters. Kathy’s version of the Stoic meditative exercise “View from Above” is featured on our webpage.

Kathy has taught K-12 art and university art history. She has recently completed a picture book, “At the Edge of the Meadow" (included in the subscription). Kathy created the art for several of our games. 




What makes this box different?

Beauty and awe-driven learning. The art, games and code use beautiful natural patterns to instill awe and stream together science, technology, engineering, art, and math (S.T.E.A.M). This makes the math and science visual, and simplifies what otherwise would seem complex. Since our brains naturally detect and appreciate beautiful patterns, we tap into your inborn pattern power. 

Why call it "Beautiful Discovery"?

You unbox and discover beautiful life patterns and beautiful science. Discover emergent patterns in common things such as leaves, flowers, pine cones, honeycombs, waves, peer pressure, health behavior, social clustering, and ecosystems. Our art projects show how these patterns are beautiful, meaning showing symmetry and unity. 

Is it a course?

Yes, but using beautiful and integrated art, games and models. The  monthly boxes progressively build up S.T.E.A.M. skills and knowledge. Yet each box also works as a standalone adventure and learning experience.     

Is it only for kids?

Kids or adults will find the boxes enjoyable and stimulating. We geared the boxes for adults and their kids, intending to stimulate both generations. But a lifelong science geek, college student, or teacher will benefit. Your subscription kit makes learning an awesome experience for yourself, or the whole family, and for the price of going to the movies. 

What age will benefit the most?

Each box comes with lessons for an adult or teen alone, or for a preteen with adult guidance. As in a museum, there is written material that younger persons may skip, but the adult can choose what and when to share this information with the child.  So we believe two groups will benefit the most: 1) preteens working with an enthusiastic adult, 2) teenage or adult science geeks working alone.  

Are there supporting materials?

Boxes come with full color picture books, booklets, cards, movies, and interactive web pages. These support each box. 

How can I learn coding? 

Use our toy models with a browser to see how rules of interaction create beautiful life patterns. We show you exactly how to code those rules with drag and drop code blocks using the simplest online software. We provide jumbo cards illustrating the coding. 

How do the games fit in? 

Our beautiful eco-games are models of life patterns. All the games have both a cardboard and code versions. You take what you learn in the cardboard game and extend it to the computer coding. 

Where did you get the box contents?

We designed the games, books, cards, art, origami and other items. This creation was many years in the making. Wonders from nature, like shells, pine cones, dried leaves and flowers. enrich and support the lessons. Wanting to put all these together, and incorporate more materials, we (the Drs. Keane), created Beautiful Discovery Box. 

Why did you create Beautiful Discovery?

We created a box that we wished we had as kids and young adults. After the birth of our daughter, we vowed to create a box that celebrates natural beauty for its own sake, but also brings beautiful patterns to bear on learning all subjects.